”We expect the European Green Deal to be a real deal where we can deliver!”

The use of paper for packaging purposes is growing every year, due to its excellent environmental performance but also to the increasing demand related to e-commerce and delivery services. There is a strong expectation from consumers, brands and retailers to have recyclable packaging material.

Energy Intensive Industries: all sectors of economy will have to work together to deliver on climate-neutrality

We, the signatories, represent sectors of major importance for European economic development and wealth.

The Industry4Europe coalition has today issued its new Joint Paper 

Since the EU Forest Strategy was adopted in 2013, the EU policy framework and the EU policies affecting forests have strongly evolved. It is now more broadly recognized that forests and the forest sector play a crucial role in addressing major challenges in line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the climate change mitigation goals of the Paris Agreement.

Report from the High-Level Group on Energy-Intensive Industries:

In light of the climate crisis, the European Forest-Based Industries, including the pulp, paper and other fibre-based product industries, the woodworking industries, the producers of furniture, the bio-energy sector and the printing industry, have come together to pr
It is clear that renewability and circularity are key solutions to decarbonise society. And that forests are the most effective carbon sinks known to man.  

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