Industry Transformation

The European pulp, paper and board industry is a world leader and a net exporter as well as the provider of 1.5 million direct and indirect jobs in Europe.

Pulp, paper and board are based on renewable raw materials originating from sustainable sources and are recyclable. They contribute directly and indirectly to environmental protection, climate action, green growth and sustainable development. They are manufactured by an industry that has substantially reduced its footprint on the environment, while reaching high social standards. At the core of the bio economy, is the production of not only the original bio-based product – paper and board, but also new and innovative products that can substitute for fossil fuel-based products through the efficient use of renewable raw materials.

EU markets have been fully open since January 2004, unlike some competitors in their home countries. About one third of EU paper and board exports face tariff barriers! The sector is seeking a level playing field for both its products and its raw materials through multilateral and bilateral negotiations and high level talks with EU trading partners. Free access to pulp and paper and board foreign markets, but also raw materials and energy is a must. Fair competition is also vital to the European pulp, paper and board industry and its workers, who need a strong set of trade defence tools.


Social Affairs

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