Industry Forum – CEPI 2050 Roadmap: the strategic role of the value chain

Mar 6, 2013


The 2nd Industry Forum organised by CEPI brought together key players in the pulp and paper value chain, to discuss synergies as well as short term and long term objectives set out in the 2050 Roadmap. The European pulp and paper industry is facing problems, particularly on the graphic side, while packaging and tissue markets seem more promising. These problems, combined with macro-economic problems, present major difficulties for the European pulp and paper industry, which needs to face increased costs and be creative at the same time, said Berry Wiersum CEO of Sappi Fine Paper Europe in his welcome speech. The paper value chain needs partnership. The strategic role of the value chain in exploring synergies and passing through the benefits is a primary condition to achieve profit.

Petri Vasara’s keynote speech focused on constant re-invention which, according to him, is the norm for the forest-based industries; a paper plant will probably look quite the same in 2050, but it will differ thanks to resource efficiency and by-products use. There is not one unique model for future developments and we should not be afraid of partnership and collaboration along the value chain.

The central point of the discussion between printers and paper producers was the need for more trust. There is a need to talk more to each other as industry sectors and not only as companies, individual suppliers and customers. This is already happening but there is still room for progress. There are 3 Cs to apply: cooperation, coordination and competition. It is all about an evolution rather than a revolution. Sustainability can and should be the industry’s edge.

The next panel focused on customers and the need for an improved dialogue between them and the packaging industry. Customers are driving changes with challenging demands. The following panel, composed of suppliers, addressed the necessity for the creation of platforms where suppliers and customers can enjoy fruitful dialogue and identify short-term and long-term challenges and their related solutions. A top priority should be the an improved use of resources. In the paper industry, resource consumption can be substantially diminished by improving and rationalising the production process. Suppliers should be more pro-active and bring solutions that contribute to this rationalisation process.

The debate which followed revolved around the current economic crisis and the fact that the legislative environment does not help the industry. Over-regulation and legislation unpredictability in European policy should be reduced to offer support to the industry, as seen in the USA. The future of the industry and the value chain depends on today’s choices. New minds are needed to make change happen in the industry.

The final point on the agenda was Marco Mensink’s presentation of the Two Team Project ( Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General wrapped up the event, reminding the participants of CEPI’s role: to bring the various actors of the value chain together and move forward.

The event included inspiring talks and discussions. The programme as well as the three presentations from the event are available below.



Keynote speech – The future: a permanent reinvention, Petri Vasara, Pöyry Consulting

Printer: Nigel Stubley, Northend Creative Print Solutions

              Robert McClements, Grange Consulting

Paper producer: Terry Hamilton, Norske Skog

                          Henrik Sjölund, Holmen Paper

Panel I: Customers at the centre of choice and engagement

Philippe Diercxsens, Danone

Response from paper packaging producer: Jurgita Girzadiene, Smurfit Kappa

Panel II: Chemical and machine suppliers: unexplored synergies?

Chemical supplier: Jay Hunsberger, AkzoNobel

Machine supplier: Jouko Yli-Kauppila, Metso
– Paper producer: Massimiliano Vannucchi, Sofidel

                          Kai Vikman, Metsä Board Corporation

Two Teams to breakthrough, Marco Mensink, CEPI


Photos from the event:

Jacki Davis, Moderator

Petri Vasara, Pöyry Consulting

Nigel Stubley, Northend Creative Print Solutions, Robert McClements, Grange Consulting, Terry Hamilton, Norske Skog, Henrik Sjölund, Holmen Paper

Philippe Diercxsens, Danone, Jurgita Girzadiene, Smurfit Kappa

Jay Hunsberger, AkzoNobel, Jouko Yli-Kauppila, Massimiliano Vannucchi, Sofidel, Kai Vikman, Metsä Board Corporation