Forest Resources

Forests are expected to deliver on several policy objectives of the European Union as they provide climate benefits, ecosystem services such as clean air and water, biodiversity, raw material for the bioeconomy, renewable energy and many more. Sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests  ensures these forests continue to provide the society with these benefits. These unique qualities are central to the sustainable nature of the paper industry, but their benefits are not always recognised. Europe’s forests are increasing in volume and by area every year and responsible forest management is helping to drive it. 90% of the wood used by the industry is sourced within the European Union Forests also have an important economic role beyond providing a renewable resource base; they provide vital income and employment and are an important source of growth, especially in peri-urban and rural areas. To prove wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests, the paper industry strongly relies on forest certification, in particular FSC and PEFC: 73% of wood and even 90% of market pulp comes from forest management certified sources.


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