LCA tool for paper products

Jul 24, 2020

In December 2019, the European Commission presented its ambitious Green Deal roadmap, a
comprehensive strategy aimed at putting Europe on the right track for climate neutrality in 2050
while encouraging sustainable economic growth.

In this strategy, the role of consumers is clearly recognized: this transition won’t happen without
them. However, green washing is a threat to their involvement: they won’t be able to make more
sustainable choices if they don’t receive reliable, comparable and verifiable information.

For that reason, the European Commission has decided to leverage the Product Environmental
Footprint (PEF) method to distinguish between valid green claims and green washing.

We are proud to announce today that Cepi together with its member companies has developed
an LCA tool fully based on the Intermediate Paper Product PEF Category Rules (PEFCR).

Full article can be read here.


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