Intergraf takes on ERPC chairmanship

Jan 21, 2013

The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Beatrice Klose as next chairperson. Ms Klose is the Secretary General of Intergraf – the European Association representing print and digital communications, one of the member organisations of the ERPC. She started her ERPC chairmanship on 1 January 2013 and will keep the position until end 2014.

The ERPC was set up after the successful launch of the first ‘European Declaration on Paper Recovery’ as an industry own-initiative in November 2000 with the aim to monitor the progress made towards meeting the targets set out in the European Declaration. In 2011 the industry committed itself to meet and maintain a voluntary paper recycling rate target of 70% in EU 27 plus Switzerland and Norway by 2010, which is higher than in any other region in the world, and to pursue qualitative targets in areas such as waste prevention, ecodesign, and research and development.

“The ERPC has been very successful in boasting paper recovery and recycling rates and in improving the quality of paper for recycling in Europe. I intend to continue this line of work and to preserve the valuable contribution of the value chain to green growth and job creation in Europe”, said Ms Klose.

Ms Klose is 43 years old, of German origin and graduated with a double degree from the University of Osnabrück and the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Poitiers. Beatrice has lived and worked in Germany, the US, France and Belgium. Prior to her work at Intergraf she worked for the German company Mannesmann in their liaison office in Brussels.

For more information, please contact the ERPC Secretariat, Jori Ringman, at +32 2 627 49 19, or visit

Notes to Editor:

ERPC monitors the progress of the European Declaration openly and transparently and coordinates the joint work to achieve the set targets. Additionally, ERPC coordinates the commitments of all the Signatories and Supporters.

Members of ERPC are CEPI, CITPA, ERPA, ETS, INGEDE, INTERGRAF, FEPE. Supporters include the EASDP, EuPIA, FEICA, FINAT, RADTECH Europe. The European Commission, DG Environment and DG Enterprise, are permanent observers of the ERPC.