Freight Stakeholders call for open dialogue on wagonload services

Oct 14, 2015

CEFIC, CEPI, CER, CLECAT, EFIP, ESC, ESPO and UIP have issued a  joint paper on wagonload.

According to them, this segment of rail freight is at risk of disappearing. With this paper, the associations would like to recall the urgency of taking action to prevent wagonload services from further declining.

While market-driven solutions are crucial, policy intervention and support is also needed. In this respect, there should be a strong cooperation with Member States, ports, regional and local authorities towards implementing the most appropriate solutions, including best practices.

The associations would like to start an open dialogue on the need to revitalise wagonload services and in particular rail freight at the last mile, recognising that each actor in the supply-chain has the responsibility to consider solutions reflecting the business and meeting the needs of our (end) customers. This document can be read as a starting point for further dialogue and action at policy and operational levels.