Fibre+ – a new generation of Innovative Packaging Products using recovered fibre

Apr 10, 2013

CEPI is the coordinating association of the EU co-funded project “Fibre+: Innovative Paper Packaging Products for European SMEs Based on Functional Modification of Recovered Fibres”.

The coordinator of the project is Dr. Eugenio Cavallini, CEPI Technical Manager, and the Scientific Coordinator is Prof. Stergios Adamopoulos from the Technical University of Larissa. The project will create innovative processes modifying recovered fibres for new functional packaging products, reducing the need of the sector for virgin fibre and supporting the competitiveness of the SMEs in the EU packaging sector.

With this project the consortium is set to create a new generation of packaging through the improvement of physical and chemical properties of recycled papers that are more recyclable, less hygroscopic, stiff and durable, in particular those used for corrugated packaging. Research will focus on potential treatments for fibre improvement, exploring new possibilities for both, cost reduction (energy and raw material efficiency) and quality increase in packaging design.The project will proceed with the selection of the best modification treatments that will be validated on a pilot plant and then implemented on industrial scale, during the demonstration phase. Training the staff of all the participants and disseminating the results to interested corrugated packaging SMEs will be the final stage.

Fibre+ started 1st December 2012 and will last until the end of November 2015.

It is run by a consortium of 10 partner organisations: 2 associations (CEPI and FEFCO – Belgium), 5 research organizations/institutes ( the Technical University of Larissa – Greece, the Georg-August University of Goetting – Germany, the Complutense University of Madrid – Spain, Innventia – Sweden, the Polish Packaging Research and Development Centre, COBRO – Poland) and 3 companies (Rapina Paper Mill – Estonia, Pargianas Nikolaos & Co. Chemicals – Greece and DSSmith Packaging Italia – Italy). During the evaluation phase it has become evident that the REA (EC’s Research Executive Agency) experts appreciate this project very much, as they gave it a high score, marking it as a highly valuable project.

All Fibre+ consortium partners are actively engaged in the project and are set to do their best to achieve the goals that have been set for Firbre+.

For more information, contact Eugenio Cavallini at