‘Fascination Paper’ in the paper house

Oct 25, 2012

For the 20th anniversary of the association, CEPI’s offices changed its decoration and hosted the ‘Fascination Paper’ exhibition organised by IAPMA – the International Association of Paper and Paper Making Artists.


The exhibition shows 56 artists from 18 countries and the paper art displayed varies from traditional to experimental. Paper installations, objects, three dimensional paper artworks, pulp painting, paper jewellery, book objects, collage, assemblage in small or large scale are exhibited in our offices today.

To open the exhibition, CEPI organised a networking event in September, where board members and European Commission representatives as well as other European association visited our offices and admired the paper artifacts. Some staff members even dared to wear paper costumes to showcase the transformability and varied use of paper.

Paper can be very thin yet very stable; it can also be thick and heavy. Paper fibres can be completely homogeneous or varied, and can create surfaces ranging from fluffy and soft to coarse and rough, sometimes equalling the stability of hardwood. Thanks to is usual two-dimensionality, it can be moulded and folded into any desired shape. No other material has so many different characteristics.

“Paper has brought a revolution in the history of humanity. It has always been a key tool of progress, a conveyor of knowledge, a communication support, a unique material, an indispensable medium. It has evolved into a carrier and protector of goods, into products that makes us feel good everyday . But it has remained Art.“ said Teresa Presas at her inaugural speech for the exhibition.

The exhbition will now move to the European Commission, DG Enterprise building until December. It can be viewed after appointment.

Please contact if you would like to organise a visit.





CEPI staff members dressed in paper dresses for the occasion

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