Cepinar: Introduction to the EU R&D funding opportunities in 2021 and onwards­­

Jun 9, 2021

As the Horizon Europe Framework Programme budget of €95 billion has been recently approved, the funding opportunities for 2021-2022 will soon be made official.

Today Cepi hosted a webinar to help organisations in our sector to navigate better the upcoming R&D funding opportunities. We shared the analysis of the calls that are best suited for the forest-based sector in the coming two years. Speakers from public-private partnerships explained their role in facilitating access to European funding.

Full session can be watched here.

Presentations are available below:

Energy Solutions Forum & Overview of EU funding programmes by Cepi
Horizon Europe opportunities and application process by Johan Elvnert, FTP
Processes4Planet roadmap and the role of A.SPIRE by Angels Orduña, A.SPIRE
Circular Biobased Europe by Dirk Carrez, BIC