Cepi position on the EU ETS review: industry’s competitiveness fit for 55

Mar 22, 2021

Cepi believes that the review of the EU ETS Directive presents an opportunity to retain the regulatory stability and to improve several elements to trigger investments in low-carbon technologies. The core of the proposal is to protect the competitiveness of energy-intensive industries while reducing global carbon emissions.

The pulp and paper sector is in a key position to support the EU in becoming fit for 2050. Our sector has the potential to drive down greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable energy sources. From 2005, our industry has already made substantial reductions in carbon emissions by 29%, resulting in 24% carbon-intensity reduction. We have been early movers in low-carbon investments, focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. We plan to grow our business in Europe, which is a significant part of the circular economy and the bio-economy.

We call on the Commission to consider the following principles included in the document to achieve higher emission reduction by 2030, in line with our industry’s competitiveness needs.

The full position paper is available here.