“Bioeconomy – the new normal”: Cepi Chairman Ignazio Capuano for AFRY Magazine

Oct 23, 2020

For the first issue of AFRY Insights¬†Bioindustry magazine, Cepi Chairman Ignazio Capuano, and AFRY’s CEO, Jonas Gustavsson, discuss their perspectives on the emerging bioeconomy.

Forest-based industries are playing a key role in the transition to a sustainable, climate-friendly bioeconomy. We provide fossil-free alternative solutions for many sectors: media, packaging, healthcare and hygiene, but also and increasingly for textiles. Cellulose-based materials might even replace teh graphite used in portable technologies and the virtually limitless possibilities in biorefineries help us champion biobased green chemistry, too. We are also the largest industrial generator and user of renewable energy in Europe” Ignazio Capuano.

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