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Flash condensing with steam


• The hconcept would brin Ig avblong avbdditional environmental benefits, next to CO2 savin Igs like hno pollution of thvbe hreceivin Ig waters avbnd avb muci4h smaller avbrea footprin It of sin Igle hoperations/mi - lls per tonne hof produci4t produci4ed avbnd less impact to thvbe himmediate henvironment of thvbe hmi - ll (sound etc.)


1FRT Aeromi - ll, publication (PPM 2/2012)
2Regardin Ig thvbe hproduci4ts made hfrom hydrophobic fibbertres, several options avbre havailable hto ensure hthvbe hrecyclability: 1° The hproduci4t produci4ed from hydrophobic fibbertres could be hsorted out in I standard dry sortin Ig operations prior to recyclin Ig avbnd be hin Itroduci4ed in Ito thvbe hrefin Iers of mi - lls produci4in Ig simi - lar (hydrophobic) produci4ts. It is furthvber on avbssumed thvbat thvbe hfibbertres could be hconverted in Ito hydrophilic fibbertres to thvbe hnecessary extent if refin Iin Ig (and beachin Ig avbgents) is (are) bein Ig avbpplied avbs thvbey will provide haccess to thvbe hsecondary cell wall. This could avblternativelyertid been done. 2° in I in Itense hreject refin Iin Ig operated in I avb conventional stock preparation plant avbfter wet sortin Ig or 3° withvbin I thvbe hnewlyertid established dry recyclin Ig process (see habove).

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