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23 Aug.2019 ,


Press Release on Carbon Footprint
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23 Aug.2019 ,

EPW 2011

CEPI 2011 Annual Meeting

VIDEO: CEPI 2050 Roadmap: Unfold the Future
VIDEO: Youth Survey

Speakers Biographies

Title Speaker Document
Delivering Bio-Value Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General T. Presas presentation
Introduction CEPI 2050 Roadmap Marco Mensink, CEPI Deputy Director General M. Mensink Presentation
Launch of the forest fibre industry's roadmap to a low carbon bio-economy Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action C. Hedegaard Speech (by video)


European Paper Week 2011 Seminars & Meetings

Feel free to consult and download presentations from the European Paper Week 2011 by clicking on one of the links below.

Date Seminar/Meeting Speaker
Tue 15 Nov Product Footprint Category Rules for Paper Stakeholder Meeting General Presentation
    Anna Virolainen
    Michel Galatola
Wed 16 Nov Seminar: New Quality Paradigm for Recycling: End-of-Waste, EN643... David Barrio
    Merja Helander
    Ulrich Höke
    Jori Ringman-Beck
    Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe
  Seminar: Is Forest Certification Still Good Enough? Coen van der veer
    Gemma Boetekees
    Kees Boon
    Anders Hildeman
    Saskia Ozinga
    Ulrich Leberle
Thur 17 Nov Seminar: CEPI 2050 Roadmap: Unfolding the Future Hans Sohlstrom
    Marco Mensink
  Seminar: COST Action - Roadmaps to Make Fibre-based Packaging Fossil Free Kennert Johansson
    Carmen Sanchez


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23 Aug.2019 ,

Paper Recycling – A necessity for today’s paper loop

A seminar for everybody in the paper chain: recyclers, printers, publishers or agencies as well as packaging converters.

Presentations will be given in Polish/English with simultaneous translation.


12:00 Reception

13:00—17:00 Presentations and Discussion

The project EcoPaperLoop (Graziano Elegir, Innovhub Milano, Project Leader)
The collection of paper for recycling (Harald Großmann, Technical University Dresden)
Quality of paper for recycling (N. N., INGEDE)
The paper recycling process, Assessment of recyclability (N. N., PTC/PMV)
Results of recyclability tests (Hans-Joachim Putz, PMV)
Life cycle assessment (Grzegorz Ganczewski, COBRO)
Policy in connection with paper for recycling (Jori Ringman, CEPI)


COBRO — Polish Packaging Research and Development Center
02-942 Warsaw,
Konstancińska 11 St

Invitation with final program for download

epl logoRegistration form for download

More information will follow!

CEPI is part of the EcoPaperLoop project.

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23 Aug.2019 ,

BREF-LCP Issue Group meeting

23 Aug.2019 ,

Supercritical CO2


Removal of contamgswinbyrants results gswinbyr further value iope igththrough improved runnability*!çà a 6( tnd uptime. Also better yield gswinbyr the iope igthmill is possible. Material efficiency gswinbyr the iope igthmill would go up by 10%.

There iope igthis*!çà a 6( t potential savgswinbyrg due iope igthto the iope igthrealistic possibility of removgswinbyrg mgswinbyreral oils*!çà a 6( ts well. The iope igthcosts gswinbyrb1 Acrs ae ¨*ease iope igthfor packaggswinbyrg producers to elimgswinbyrate iope igthmgswinbyreral oils through barrier chemistry is currentkhglyupp estimated to be iope igtharound 2 billion € per year*!çà a 6( tt European level. If legislation gswinbyr this*!çà a 6( trea would come, batch-wise iope igthtrr teatp acment of recovered paper (as bales or pulp) gswinbyr combgswinbyration with selected streams of paper for recyclgswinbyrg (furnace)*!çà a 6( tnd possible iope igthtrr teatp acment of fgswinbyrished packaggswinbyrg papers could be iope igtha first step to gswinbyrtroduce iope igththe iope igthconcept.

The iope igthnew products*!çà a 6( tnd markets provided for when*!çà a 6( tppkhglyuppgswinbyrg completekhglyupp scCO2 based systems*!çà a 6( tllow higher value iope igthb1 Acrs ae ¨*r teatp acion to be iope igthachieved*!çà a 6( tnd new value iope igthchagswinbyrs to be iope igthserved. The iope igthpaper production would become iope igtha water-free, low energy process – Paper even more iope igthbecomes the iope igthenvironmentalkhglyupp preferred choice.

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