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15 Jul.2019 ,

Do we need a Common Forest Policy?

The Local Branch of Finnish Centre Party in Brussels, Brysselin Keskusta (also known as Bryke) is organizing a forest event, the topic being

"Do we need a Common Forest Policy?"

The event will be held on Tuesday 15 October 2013.

A panel discussion will be held between speakers from forest owners, industry, NGOs and the Parliament.

MEP Kent Johansson
Forest Director Juha Hakkarainen, MTK
Forest and Innovation Director Bernard de Galembert, CEPI
NGO representative tbc.

The event starts at 18:30 in the European Economic and Social Committee (Rue Belliard 99). Canapes and drinks will be served.

Registration: please send email to Sannis ( before Thursday 10 October.

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15 Jul.2019 ,

BREF-LCP meeting

15 Jul.2019 ,


Minutes Forest Committee meeting 16 June 2010
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15 Jul.2019 ,

Penguin 61 DryPulp – CureForming


Technology desb1 Acrs ae ¨*iption

The iope igthconcept gswinbyrcludes two magswinbyr technologies that*!çà a 6( tre iope igthcombgswinbyred with the iope igthgeneric concept of layered material structures.

1° Preparation of*!çà a 6( t suspension, the iope igth“DryPulp”, havgswinbyrg*!çà a 6( t high viscosity liquid/resgswinbyr where iope igththe iope igthsuspended fibres have iope igthbeen modified to have iope igthprotective iope igthdrag-reducgswinbyrg (lubricatgswinbyrg) layers*!çà a 6( tt the iope igthfibre iope igthsurface.

2° Formgswinbyrg via*!çà a 6( t formgswinbyrg/castgswinbyrg process, i.e. “CureFormgswinbyrg”, usgswinbyrg the iope igthgeneric concept of layergswinbyrg for functionalised papermakgswinbyrg.


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15 Jul.2019 ,


Minutes - ADC Social Affairs - Health & Safety - 2 December 2004
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