09 Sep.2013

EMS Cross-Border: let subsidiarity and innovation prevail!

Following the publication of a recent independent report on longer trucks ordered by the Policy Department of the European Parliament, the EMS Forum urges the Members of the European Parliament to support the cross-border trials with and use of EMS vehicles between those Member States that allow their use and trials in their own territory.

The EMS Forum, bringing together industry stakeholders promoting the use of European Modular Concept (EMS) vehicle combinations in the EU, believes that Member States are best placed to decide whether they want to benefit from EMS vehicles or not.

The report concludes that ‘empirical evidence is difficult to find with regards to many of the primary concerns regarding LHVs. As a general rule, where empirical evidence is available, it tends to show better outcomes than those predicted by desk studies, with lower modal shift observed and little evidence of any negative effects on road safety.’

Overall the study concludes that cross-border use with EMS vehicles would help at-source greening road transport and steering combined transport and further support an efficient EU transport network involving all modes of transport, including road.

Last but not least, the 2011 White Paper recognizes that road transport will continue to be the predominant mode in EU freight transport. Hindering transport innovation in road freight transport will not achieve a resource-efficient sustainable EU transport system.

The Organisations saying yes to EMS represent shippers, freight forwarders, transport operators and vehicle manufacturers that are convinced that the modular concept is the right response from the road sector in order to decouple transport from its negative impact on the environment and to improve transport and logistics efficiency. An overview of these supporting organizations and companies can be found at the EMS website:

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Study on The Impact of Megatrucks

CEPI is a member of the EMS forum

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27 Mar.2013

Revision of Weights & Dimensions - European Shippers' Council Position

Conclusions from the position:

The ESC believes the Directive should be revised having in mind changes that can allow industry to respond to these pressures and in a way that can foster growth and competitiveness in the European transport sector. The ESC’s position includes a series of changes to the Directive, all intended to improve efficiency and environmental standards of the road transport of goods while pursuing the goal of a true Single European Transport Area. The alternatives supported by the ESC would achieve a decrease in the number of road freight journeys and the number of trucks on the road. At the same time they would result in a reduction in the number of drivers needed as well as less congestion on Europe’s roads. Also, and considering the economic crisis faced by Europe, these options would signify a decrease in transport costs while improving European industry’s competitiveness. These suggestions would also mean the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions, following the environmental improvements recognised by the Commission. In conclusion the ESC urges the Commission to engage in a comprehensive dialogue with all stakeholders to find the best ways to implement the necessary changes to the Directive.

To read the full position in pdf format, please click on Download here.

CEPI is a member of the European Shippers’ Council.

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