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23 Apr.2019 ,

Paper Recycling Conference Europe 2014


CEPI is a supporter of this event.

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23 Apr.2019 ,

Webinar on the new EN 643

CEPI launched a pocket-size guidance document that details the changes in the revised EN643 European List of Standard Grades of Paper and Board for Recycling. We will also organise a webinar on the EN643 revision on 19 December 2013.

We advise all organisations and individuals involved in trade with paper and board for recycling, to prepare for the introduction of the updated standard. Many multinational companies are already implementing the new EN643 standard into their IT-systems, such as SAP. The new text includes several major improvements, including a grade-specific tolerance level for non-paper component and more detailed descriptions per grade. While the national standardisation bodies in Europe are preparing for the official launch of the updated EN643 early 2014, CEPI already issued a guidance describing the changes.

The guidance was first launched at European Paper Week in English, but will soon be available in German, French, Spanish and Polish. Other languages may follow.

In a webinar organised on 19 December 2013 at 10 am, paper industry experts will be available for question and answers. During the webinar CEPI staff will describe the changes in the EN643 standard in detail and will allow for enough time to answer all queries.

To register please go to:

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23 Apr.2019 ,

Circular Economy – How to improve paper recycling in Poland?

Thank you very much to everyone who participated at the event.

Here are the presentations:

New waste management system in Warsaw:

Jolanta Krzywiec, Director of Municipal Waste Management Department of Warsaw (in polish)

Impact Project Description:  Ulrich Leberle, CEPI

Best Practice in Europe:

Sofía Boente, Aspapel, Spain

Marcin Kwiatkowski, Smurfit Kappa, Poland

Heike-Marie Janning, Dipl. Oec. troph.RSAG, Germany

You can see some of the photos here.

(scroll down for the Polish version)

CEPI, in collaboration with the Association of Polish Papermakers and the Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office is organising a seminar entitled ‘Circular Economy – How to improve paper collection in Poland’ at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.

Resource Efficiency is high on the European agenda. Turning waste into a raw material for the European industry is one important goal of the European resource efficiency and raw materials policies. With the IMPACT initiative, the European Paper Industry and more than 20 partners from research, public authorities and companies commit to support this goal by sharing knowledge and best practices in the field of separate paper collection. As the European Commission is discussing new targets on waste, Poland is implementing its 2013 law on the cleanliness and tidiness of the communities.

At this workshop, implementation of waste legislation and best practice examples from other European countries will be presented. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the specialists from the local authorities and from the paper industry on further improving the separate collection of paper at the local level. On the second day, participants will also have the opportunity to discover in practice, how new paper products from their everyday life are produced from the collected waste.

At the event several countries will present their good practices in paper recycling and improvement to paper recycling rates. See the full programme.

The seminar was followed by a visit to the Stora Enso paper mill in Ostroleka the next day. Preferable rates for hotel rooms have been negotiated with the Hotel.

The registration deadline has been reached.



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„Gospodarka Cyrkulacyjna. Jak usprawnić zbiórkę makulatury w Polsce?”

Europejska Konfederacja Producentów Papieru (CEPI), we współpracy ze Stowarzyszeniem Papierników Polskich oraz Urzędem Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy zaprasza na konferencję „Gospodarka Cyrkulacyjna. Jak usprawnić zbiórkę makulatury w Polsce?”, która odbędzie się w Pałacu Kultury i Nauki w Warszawie.

Podczas tego wydarzenia kilka państw europejskich zaprezentuje swoje doświadczenia związane z recyklingiem makulatury jak i usprawnieniem jej zbiórki.


Termin : 24 06. 2014 r., 13:00-17:00
Lokalizacja: Pałac Kultury i Nauki, Warszawa, Polska
Wizyta w papierni: 25.06. 2014 r., wyjazd z hotelu o 8:30, powrót o 17:00 (liczba miejsc ograniczona)

Następnego dnia, po seminarium, odbędzie się wizyta w papierni Stora Enso w Ostrołęce.
Hotel: wynegocjowano preferencyjne ceny dla uczestników spotkania. Proszę rezerwować pokoje indywidualnie w Novotel Warszawa Centre
Konferencja będzie odbywać się w jęz. polskim i angielskim. Organizator zapewnia tłumaczenie






Patronat medialny




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23 Apr.2019 ,

Webinar: Revised Paper for Recycling Quality Control guidelines

CEPI recently revised its guidelines on paper for recycling quality control, first published in 2002.

The objective of the guidelines’ publication is to achieve greater harmonisation, improve the implementation of the new EN 643 Standard and facilitate commercial relationships between paper mills and paper for recycling suppliers. The revised guidelines put a strong emphasis on the inspection procedure for quality control at paper mills and explain what controllers should consider during an inspection in order to decide if a load should be accepted, conditionally accepted or refused. The control procedure recommended is described in detail and illustrated by a decision tree at the end of the publication.

Join the webinar to listen to a detailed description of the revised version and to ask questions.

Register here.

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