08 Feb.2013

The CEPI Two Team Project

CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries) is giving innovation a head start by launching the Two Team Project. It consists of two competing teams - Red and Blue - that include experts, scientists, manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of the pulp and paper industry and other sectors. Applying a unique method of open innovation, both teams are set to identify breakthrough concepts of technologies and processes that make the current pulp and paper manufacturing process more efficient and create more value.


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01 Feb.2013

Two Team Project Meeting in Austria

Around one hundred research and innovation experts from the European pulp and paper industry, the construction industry and its suppliers, from scientific institutes and international consulting companies gathered together for the the conference "Fiber plus - Unfolding the sustainable value of wood, pulp and paper" last week. This conference also marked the first R&D event of the "Two Team Project". The main objective of this project is to evaluate the key technologies of the future in the pulp and paper sector to achieve the objectives of the 2050 Roadmap. After the fruitful FibrePlus Conference on Monday in Lenzing the two teams met separately on Tuesday in Salzburg to start their discussion about concepts and ideas for breakthrough technologies in the pulp and paper industry. After eight hours of discussion both teams were satisfied with their first team meeting. Two experts from the Lenzing AG joined each Team for the first half of the day.

You will find the presentations of the different speakers here.

For more information about the Two Team Project, please visit

Press release from the event (in German)

Photos from the event

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15 Nov.2012 ,

European Paper Industry - Enabling the bio-economy

The European pulp and paper industry today concluded its 14th European Paper Week, focusing on the implementation of the CEPI 2050 Roadmap for a low-carbon bio-economy. Within that context CEPI presented the Two Teams’ Project, aiming at pushing innovation in the industry to achieve the goals set out in the Roadmap.

Addressing the recently published Communication for an Industrial Policy for Europe, CEPI launched its publication “The Future has begun” outlining the pulp, paper and board industry’s contribution to reinvigorate European industry.

This year also marked the 20th anniversary of the association.

The three-day event brought together over 330 people from the sector, related organisations as well as representatives from the European institutions, providing a high-level platform for discussion.

At a moment when the European Institutions are working on finalising the Horizon 2020 proposal, defining its new research allocations and rules, CEPI organised a densely packed Annual Meeting on the “European Paper Industry – Enabling the Bioeconomy”.

”As well as reinforcing Europe's science base, Horizon 2020 will support industrial leadership, with actions to make Europe a more attractive place for businesses to invest in research and innovation. It will also help tackle important societal challenges like resource efficiency and the bio-economy“, commented Máire Geoghegan-Quinn, European Commissioner for Research and Innovation, in her video message. In a panel, CEOs of the paper industry, the chemical sector and the financial world, exchanged views about the transformation path of the paper sector through the implementation of the CEPI 2050 Roadmap. ”In 2050 the forest fibre industry, will be at the heart of the bio-economy. We have a road, we have a roadmap - now let’s drive”, stated Jussi Pesonen, CEPI Chairman and CEO of UPM-Kymmene.

The plenary event also saw contributions from Antti Peltomäki, Deputy Director General at DG Enterprise, European Commission, who introduced the audience to the “new industrial revolution in Europe”; and Judith Merkies, Member of the European Parliament, who explained the position of the European Parliament on Horizon 2020.

“The Commission must put on sectoral lenses and look at the most coherent measures to realign Europe’s industry with the needs for wealth and jobs creation. With 25% of the global market, and exporting 20% of its production, our industry has its raw material base in Europe, its suppliers are large European companies, and it is actively organising innovation for new products and business models. All these are elements that put us in a central position to participate in the European economy recovery. But, we need facilitating policies and political attention”, said Teresa Presas, CEPI Director General in her presentation addressing the fact that Europe’s industry needs investor confidence.

A young researchers’ panel concluded the annual event of the European paper industry, bringing forward their work in finding solutions towards the CEPI 2050 Roadmap.
The key conclusion of the gathering is that the European Paper Industry walks the talk and ticks all the boxes included in the EU proposal for a new industrial revolution, in the “Communication on an Industrial Policy for Europe.”


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25 Oct.2012

Unfold the Future: the forest fibre industry nominated Report of the Year


CEPI's 2050 Roadmap has been nominated in the category Report of the Year at the European Public Affairs Awards. Now in their fifth year, the awards highlight success and encourage best practice throughout the European public affairs community; bringing recognition to individuals, organisations, issues and campaigns. Nominations launch in June and organisations throughout the profession are eligible to nominate both internally and externally until Friday 21 September 2012. Voting opens when the shortlist is announced in October and is open to all individuals working for an organisation listed on the Transparency Register and/or listed in the EPAD Directory.

The results of this year's awards will be announced during the awards dinner on Wednesday 14 November held at the stunning Albert Hall.

CEPI's report is competing with the Environmental Sustainability Report from FoodDrinkEurope and Women on Boards in Europe: from a snail’s pace to a giant leap from The European Women’s Lobby.

The awards provide the following explanation for nominating the Roadmap:
It's not often that a publication by a Brussels trade association causes a stir. The CEPI 2050 Roadmap has. It is frequently used as an example by policy makers, both at the European Commission and in the Parliament. The process of engaging stakeholders and industry representatives was also innovative and much appreciated by the target audiences. The report has united the paper industry internally and given them incentives to think about the future in positive terms.

The final document was supported by a dedicated website and a special Facebook page. The CEPI 2050 roadmap inspired many of CEPI's national members to start their own national roadmap for 2050. It has influenced board meetings in all member countries and many companies in the paper industry sector. Many other industry associations in Brussels are now working on similar reports.


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