15 May.2013

CEPI Two Team Project: The project you should not miss!

When launching the CEPI Two Team Project in November last year, some sceptics were wondering whether the process would really deliver at the end. To them, we dare say today: "Be prepared to be surprised!"

The CEPI Two Team Project uses crowdsourcing and open innovation while putting two teams in competition with each other in order to identify within a year breakthrough technology concepts. Those technologies need to enable the European pulp and paper industry to significantly reduce its carbon emissions, while creating more value. Through the implementation of these technologies the industry would be in a position to implement the CEPI Roadmap 2050 that suggested that the sector would decarbonise by 80% and create 50% more value by 2050. Frits Beurskens (former CEO of SKG), the sponsor and mentor of the blue team, sees the project as “a great stimulus for the European pulp and paper sector to develop breakthrough technologies leading to a strong reduction of CO2 emissions and more added value.”

Inspiring milestones on the way

Since the launch of the project, the teams already had four opportunities to meet and to elaborate generic concepts of breakthrough innovations. In December, the kick-off meeting held in the famous Atomium of Brussels allowed the participants to break the ice, get to know each other and be informed on the "rules of the game", the available tools and materials, as well as the time schedule. The first substantive meeting took place in Lenzing (Austria). The teams had the opportunity to learn about hi-tech textile fibre produced in the mill before having a full day of brainstorming in split rooms.
Heiner Grussenmeyer (Stora Enso), the captain of the blue team, thinks that “the interaction with other industry sectors and visits to their sites are very inspiring for all team members and moves discussions on breakthrough concepts to new dimensions.” In February, Tata Steel opened its IJmuiden plant (Netherlands) to the teams, telling them about the ULCOS project (Ultra Low Carbon Steel) before the teams could separately refine the concept areas they had identified in Austria. A first selection of promising concept areas was made at that occasion. After a visit of the Repsol Innovation Technology Centre in Madrid, the teams came to a more realistic selection of generic concepts that are likely to be in the teams’ final report to be delivered in September.

Comparison, inspiration and metaphors

While not disclosing any content of what the teams have in mind, readers might be interested to know that both teams are exploring and assessing whether technologies and innovations used in other industries might be helpful. In that context, the teams have looked at the textile industry and its methods to create surfaces out of fibre. They are also considering the food industry and its techniques of drying food. Nature can also be a source of inspiration and bio-mimetics might contribute to the final results submitted by the teams. Useful metaphors are often making very abstract and technical ideas easier to understand. Candles, conditioning shampoos, tumble dryers, and others are some of the pictures the teams are using to make processes that might be relevant for their end results more accessible. ”Our team members are bursting with ideas and are highly motivated. This project will be a real achievement!” summarizes Veit Sorger (former CEO of Mondi and Sponsor and mentor of the Red Team).

What's next?

Two more meetings are planned in May and June this year. Then the team will start preparing their final reports. A pre-jury will meet early October to score the teams' submissions before the jury selects the winning concept in time for the winner to be announced on 27 November 2013 at the European Paper Week. The generic concepts proposed by the teams will help CEPI convince the European Commission to grant some money from the framework programme for research Horizon 2020 to the pulp and paper industry. The research money will help to further develop the ideas, hence contributing to the decarbonisation of the industry.

Call for engagement

While good progress has been made within the teams, there is still room for feeding the process with any disruptive idea or concept. Nearly 20 submissions have been registered on the website. More than 100 LinkedIn members have joined the CEPI Two Team Group. The Two Team project is also on Twitter and on Facebook. Jerome Grassin (CTP), captain of the Red Team thinks that “it should be seen as essential to contribute or support the Two Team Project by anyone working in the pulp and paper industry.” The next opportunity to meet the teams and get in touch will be the “Unfolding the future” conference in Ludwigshafen (Germany) on 9 June. The program can be found at Please submit your ideas at and follow the process.


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27 Mar.2013

Bio-strategy Seminar, 24 April in Vienna

Exciting new details have been released for RISI's first annual Bio Strategy Seminar taking place April 24, 2013 in Vienna, Austria!
The new seminar will show where the bio-based economy includes the pulp and paper industry and what benefits companies can reap from making it part of their strategy. Attendees will hear from leading executives discussing the challenges and opportunities of entering into the bio economy. The seminar also provides networking opportunities to engage with clients, prospects and industry colleagues.

You can register on the RISI site and take advantage of our early bird discount pricing and register by April 12, 2013 to save on registration fees. Register Now.

The programme includes:

UPM Biofuels has recently been awarded the Sustainability Award for 2013 for Breakthrough Innovation in Technology. Dr. Sari Mannonen, Director, Business Relations & Marketing, UPM Biofuels, will discuss UPM's foray into Bio Fuels.
The world's largest biomass gasification plant by Vaskiluodon Voima Oy opened, a plant that was supplied by Metso. In our program, Dr. Marita Niemela, Vice President Bio-Technologies, Metso Pulp, Paper and Power, will discuss the value from biomass with a focus on Metso's processes and technologies.
Following speakers have also confirmed:
• Robert Wilson, Director of European Consulting, Renewables and Bioprocess, AMEC
• Bernard de Galembert, Forest and Innovation Director, CEPI
• James Atkins, Chairman, Vertis
• Tuomas Mustonen, Vice President - Business Solutions, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
• Clas Engstrom, CEO, Processum Biorefinery Initiative AB
• Kari Liukko, Biofuels Business Leader, Honeywell

View the program.

See you all in Vienna soon!

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27 Mar.2013

Paper industry with strong representation in BRIDGE – the new BioBased Public Private Partnership

BRIDGE - Biobased and Renewables Industries for Development and Growth in Europe – PPP is about investing in Europe and its people. It is about creating jobs, tackling societal challenges with innovative biobased technologies, and using renewable resources and wastes to make high quality biobased products and materials. It is about revitalizing Europe’s industrial infrastructure, and developing rural areas through the creation of biorefineries, which are at the heart of the biobased economy. CEPI and 12 European pulp and paper producers are partner in this Public Private Partnership (PPP).

In short the BRIDGE PPP stands for:
- Enabling rural development and re-industrialisation
- Connecting farmers and foresters with consumers through locally sourced and produced goods and products
- Accelerating the transition towards smart and efficient use of resources
- Securing European competitiveness in the global biobased economy race

• Public Sector: European Commission
• Private sector: AbengoaBioenergia – ARD – Billerud - BioBase Europe - BioBased Innovations – Bioprocess Pilot Facility – BPF – Borregaard – Cargill - Chemtex Italia (Gruppo M&G) - Clariant Group – CLEA Technologies- CLIB2021 – Direvo - DONG Energy – DSM - Dutch Biorefinery Cluster – Essent – Fertiberia – Fibic – GFP – Holmen – IAR – IUCT – Kemira - Metsä Group – Mondi – Nordzucker - Norske Skog – Novamont – Novozymes – Repsol – Roquette – SAPPI – SCA - Smurfit Kappa – Södra – Solvay - Stora Enso – Südzucker – Unilever – UPM
• Associations: Cefic – Cepi – Copa Cogeca – EuropaBio – European bioplastics – ERRMA – ESA – FoodDrinkEurope – Forest-based sector – SusChem

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27 Feb.2013

Paper Industry adds value to the Raw Materials EIP

The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials has taken full speed with the first round of meetings having taken place in Brussels over the last weeks. The EIP’s objective is to contribute to the 2020 targets of the EU Industrial Policy, to increase the share of industry on GDP to 20% and improve resource efficiency by securing the sustainable supply of raw materials in Europe. The High Level Steering Group met on 12 February with the presence of three Commissioners, Ministers of several Member States and CEO’s of European industry. Representing the European Paper Industry is Mr. Ramon Alejandro Balet, President of SAICA. He is supported by Guillermo Vallès Albar from SAICA.

The European paper industry has engaged in the European Raw Materials Initiative from the beginning in 2008, pointing at the challenges of our raw materials supply:
• Increasing competition for wood as a renewable yet finite resource, partly induced by European renewable energy policy.
• Paper for recycling, which constitutes half of the Industry’s raw materials supply is increasingly exported to Asia.
• There is still potential in increasing the mobilisation of wood and paper for recycling, but which is not yet exploited.
The calls from the European paper Industry have been heard and renewable materials such as wood, paper and natural rubber have been included in the Commission Communication on Raw Materials in 2010.

Next Steps:
A Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) of the EIP will be elaborated in the first half of 2013. CEPI will work in close cooperation with the FTP, the woodworking industry and the European Commission to contribute to the SIP with its priorities. In the second half of 2013 the Commission will publish a Communication on the Strategic Implementation Plan and start preparing for the implementation phase of the EIP by publishing calls for commitment.

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08 Feb.2013

Two Teams break through - CEPI applies new method to innovation

CEPI – the Confederation of European Paper Industries – is giving innovation a head start by launching the Two Team Project. It consists of two competing teams that include experts, scientists, manufacturers, suppliers and representatives of the pulp and paper industry and other sectors. Applying a unique method of open innovation, both teams are set to identify breakthrough concepts of technologies and processes that make the current pulp and paper manufacturing process more efficient and create more value.
Breakthrough technologies are at the heart of CEPI’s ‘2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon bio-economy’ report. A successful delivery on the two objectives of the roadmap – namely 80% decarbonisation of the industry and 50% value creation in 2050 – is only possible when breakthrough technologies are available by 2030.

The teams are urged to think out of the box, outside their comfort zone. The final concepts will need to be creative, innovative and imaginative. Breakthrough technologies are new concepts; new ways of thinking that go beyond current borders.

Submit your ideas

Both teams are looking for maximum support from passionate stakeholders within the pulp and paper industry, but also from beyond the sector. Everyone with a creative idea and an enthusiastic mind-set is called upon to submit ideas and to contribute to designing the future pulp and paper mill.

Today’s innovation model is fragmented. Innovative research takes place at companies and universities on a daily basis. However, only a small percentage is used in products or deployed in industrial processes. The Two Team Project uses open innovation - sharing ideas across companies, research institutes, academic institutions and public authorities - to generate new concepts and solutions efficiently.

In November this year, at least four breakthrough technology concepts will be delivered. The jury – composed of CEOs and high-level European officials – will select the winning concept. CEPI’s Annual Meeting at European Paper Week 2013 will unveil the winner.

Gather your ideas for the most efficient pulp and paper mill and submit them today at


For more information, please contact Daniela Haiduc at, mobile: +32 473 562 936

Follow our progress

Twitter: @CEPI2TP
Facebook: 2050 Roadmap:Two Team Project
LinkedIN: CEPI Two Team Project Group


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