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PTS Coating Symposium: 17-18 September 2013

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23 Mar.2018 ,

Young Europeans - paper is key

CEPI found that young people live in a digital world, where paper is key. Young Europeans are digitally connected and prefer to use digital technology for photos and bank statements, but they see paper as more emotional and trusted choice when it comes to love notes, birthday cards, contracts and diplomas.
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2012 INTERNATIONAL PRO CARTON CONGRESS: Cartons in a New Dimension

23 Mar.2018 ,

Argus European Emissions Markets

Conference Topics

  • Structural Reform of the EU ETS
  • Looking to COP 2015
  • View from Industry: Steel, Cement, Power, Chemicals
  • Carbon Leakage
  • The evolving role of the Aviation industry in the Emissions Market
  • Latest developments in the CDM/JI markets
  • Voluntary Markets

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CEPI is a Supporting Partner of the event.

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