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Bioeconomy Summit: Innovation, Growth and Sustainable Development

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The Sustainable Bio Awards 2014

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CEPI 20th anniversary Paper Quiz

Together with rags and ropes, fibres from which tree were first used to make paper in the 2nd Century?   Mulberry
Which European country produced the most paper in 2011?   Germany
In which century were rags replaced with wood for making pulp   19th
What name is given to a chemical or starch applied to paper to retard the rate of water penetration?   Size
What paper size is 420 by 594 millimetres?   A2
Prior to the invention of paper, which plant which grew on the banks of the Nile was used by the Egyptians to make writing material?   Papyrus
Name one of the two types of writing matariels made from calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin, invented before the use of paper became widespread?   Parchment or Vellum
In which century was paper first recycled?
A: 11th; B: 14th; or C: 17th
  A: 11th
Which European country first used paper in the year 950?   Spain
In which country is paper traditionally said to have been invented in the 2nd Century?   China
In which century was the first water powered paper mill built?
A: 12th; B: 15th; or C: 18th
  B: 15th
In which city on the ancient Silk Road were Chinese prisoners of war said to have been made to produce paper, thus spreading the technique to the West?   Samarkand
What % of newsprint and corrugated paper in the EU is made from recycled fibre?
A: 40%; B: 60%; C: 90%
  C: 90
What % of paper was recycled in the EU in 2009?
A: 52%; B: 62%; C: 72%
  C: 72
What did US paper makers import from Egypt during the Civil War in the 1860s to provide much needed recycling material?   Mummies
What is estimated to be the maximum number of times a cellulose fibre can be recycled before it deteriorates?   6
What % of newspapers are printed on recycled paper?
A: 60%; B: 75%; or C: 90%
  C: 90%
What percentage of EU27 land is covered by forests and other wooded land ?
A: 22%; B: 32%; or C: 42%
  C: 42%
By how many football pitches per day is Europe's forests surface increasing?
A: 40 ; B: 400; or C: 4000
  C: 4000
The EU currently contains what % of the world's forests ?
A: 5%; B: 10%; or C: 15%
  A: 5%
What % of the wood used to make paper comes from wood residues generated by other industries such as sawmills?
A: 16%; B: 26%; or C: 36%
  B: 26%
What % of the wood used to make paper in Europe is grown within Europe?
A: 50%; B: 65%; or C: 80%
  C: 80%
The pulp and paper industry in CEPI countries has decreased its CO2 emissions per tonne of paper by what % since 1990?
A: 12%; B: 42%; C: 72%
  B: 42%
What % of the energy used in paper industry in CEPI countries is renewable and therefore carbon neutral?
A: 14%; B: 34%; or C: 54%
  C: 54%
The printed Stern Review caused 85g CO2 in total per paper copy but how much CO2 is generated every time the same report is read online?
A: 26; B: 126; or C: 226
  C: 226
What % of production capacity in the paper industry in CEPI countries has environmental management certification?
A: 70%; B: 80%; or C: 90%
  C: 90%
How much carbon was stored in forest biomass, deadwood and soil in Europe in 2010 (in billion tonnes)?
A: 2.1; B: 21.2; or C; 212
  B: 21.2



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