Packaging material & Products

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Packaging material & Products

Case materials

paper and board mainly used in the manufacture of corrugated board. They are made from any combination of virgin and recovered fibre and can be bleached, unbleached or mottled. Included are kraftliner, testliner, semi-chemical fluting, and waste-based fluting (Wellenstoff).


Folding Boxboard

often referred to as carton board, it may be single or multiple layers, coated or uncoated. It is made from virgin and/or recovered fibre and has good folding properties, stiffness and scoring ability. It is mainly used in cartons for consumer products such as frozen food and for liquid containers.


Wrappings (up to 150 g/m²)

paper whose main use is wrapping or packaging made from any combination of virgin or recovered fibre and can be bleached or unbleached. They may be subject to various finishing and/or marking processes. Included are sack kraft, other wrapping krafts, sulphite and grease proof papers.

Other papers mainly for packaging purposes are mostly produced from recovered fibre, e.g. greyboard, and go into the converting process to be made into end use products other than packaging.