Resources for schools

Resources for schools

It's hard to imagine what life would be like without paper. We all use it, in one of its many forms, each and every day. This page provides teachers with a range of learning resources which can be used in order to present this versatile material to students of any age.

• A project from the Slovakian Mondi Mill called "Mona & Dino": the adventures of a girl and her dog discovering how paper is made, why tree planting is necessary (only in Slovak)

• Hygiene School Book & Teacher's manual: a fun and interactive way to teach children the foundations of good hand hygiene (and the importance of using paper towels for drying), with over 20 useful educational activities.

• An interactive website on the world of paper (in German)

• In gioco con la carta: Games and other resources in Italian Paper can be used to teach geometry.

• Origametria, a teaching program ran by the Israeli Origami Center (IOC). Each week throughout the school year, 10,000 children in 70 schools study 'Origametria', taught by 40 specially trained teachers.