Papermakers are true innovators. This is apt as ideas start with paper...

That paper is recognised as the most versatile of products - one which evolves in line with our changing lifestyles - is largely due to constant innovation and a commitment to excellence in papermaking technology.

Education drives these advances and a diverse team of highly qualified engineers, scientists and designers are essential to run an efficient, integrated paper mill.

Paper manufacturing is extremely sophisticated and it requires expertise across a broad range of disciplines. Industry experts lead cutting-edge research into product development, process optimisation and materials testing.

Paper production requires specialist knowledge for stock preparation and pulp optimisation techniques, water and energy management, paper converting processes (i.e. when finished paper or board is turned into an envelope, paper bag or box), surface scanning and measurement technology and recycling technologies - to name but a few elements in the production process. Such know-how continues to reduce the environmental impact of the industry and has made the sector highly energy efficient.

That said, you don't necessarily need a PhD to know how to make paper. Why not start at the very beginning....and make your own paper at home!