Myths & Realities

Myths & Realities

Myths & realities

Myths & Realities addresses common misperceptions and gives simple facts and figures to explain these misperceptions. National associations of the pulp and paper industry have translated and created their own lists in various languages. Where possible we have tried to link to them on the right hand column of this page.

To download all myths at once as pdf, please click here.

Use less paper, save the world’s forests

Paper is bad for the environment

Paper production is bad for the climate

Paper production uses too much energy

Information technologies are better than paper

The paper industry is old fashioned and will soon be a thing of the past

Paper production uses too much water

We should only use and produce recycled paper

Paper industry wants to increase paper consumption

We use too much paper packaging

Hand dryers are more hygienic than paper towels

Cloth towels are better than paper towels for cleaning