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How CEPI works

The Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) is a non-profit-making organisation. CEPI is headed by Director General Sylvain Lhôte with a staff of 17, based in Brussels. It has four standing committees, which take long-term strategic perspectives on the issues affecting the industry. These are the Environment and Safety, Climate Change and Energy, Forest and Recycling committees under which a number of ad-hoc issue groups operate. The Association Directors' Group (ADG) is the senior advisory group to the Director General of CEPI and is composed of Director Generals of National Associations.

CEPI is managed by a 32-person Board, and is composed of representatives of National Associations and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs). The Board is currently chaired by Peter Oswald, CEPI Chairman and CEO of Mondi Europe & International. It approves CEPI's policies, strategies and objectives as well as its business plan and budget as proposed by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of three members from the ADG and three Board members, and is a formal link between committees and the Board, driving policy areas.  CEPI's Director General ensures compliance of CEPI actions with Board decisions and consistency of policy between the committees.