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Bernard de Galembert

Bernard de Galembert

Innovation and Bioeconomy Director

Responsibility: Innovation and the bioeconomy.

Born in 1966, Bernard de Galembert holds a Degree in Economics, with a specialisation in European Affairs.

From 1991 to 1994, he worked as Chief Economic Adviser to the Confederation of European Sugar Manufacturers (CEFS). He wrote two books on EU subsidies and programmes in favour of companies. From 1994 to 1996, he joined the European Farmers’ Union (COPA-COGECA) where, amongst other things, he was in charge of setting up and managing the Working Group on Forestry.

In 1996, he was as the President’s Adviser of the French Landowners’ Federation (FNPA). On the same year, he became Director General of a monthly trade magazine. He was later appointed Chief Policy Adviser of the European Landowners’ Organisation (ELO) in 1997.

He joined CEPI as Forest Director in 2002. His competencies cover international (United Nations Forum on Forests, etc.) and European (Forest Europe, European Forestry Strategy, etc.) processes related to forestry, as well as policy areas such as wood supply for the European Paper Industry, certification of sustainable forestry, illegal logging, renewable energy sources, climate and forests, water and forests, etc.

As of September 2014, he has taken the position of Innovation and Bioeconomy Director. Within that position, he overlooks issues related to bio-based products, research and innovation policies, resource availability, access to markets, access to finances for new businesses and new products. With the support of the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform, he is also exploring funding opportunities for research and innovation in the pulp and paper industry.

In parallel, he is actively involved in the global forest and paper organisation ICFPA (International Council of Forest and Paper Associations) and advising the FAO within the Advisory Committee for Sustainable Forest Industries. Since September 2014, his position includes the wider theme of the bioeconomy.

Bernard de Galembert also dedicates part of his time in CEPI as Social Affairs Director.

You can contact Bernard in English and French. 

Phone number: 32-2-627.49.27

E-mail: b.degalembert@cepi.org

Twitter: @boddegal